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Learn how to drop the sugar in your life with the 8 week online programme designed with mothers in mind.

- Overwhelmed by all the messages about not eating sugar?

- Eating sugary breakfasts, sweet afternoon pick-me ups, and chocolatey evening treats?

- Love to bake and treat your family and friends?

- Wondering how it's possible to feed your kids without sugar?

- Stuck on the sugar treadmill and can't get off?

Learn what sugar is doing to your body and be motivated to get it out of your life. Get an action plan in place and make a fresh start. Enjoy sweet and savoury recipes for you and your family. Find support, encouragement and conversation as we do this together.

In the programme we cover:

  • The history of sugar and current recommendations
  • The science of sugar and what it is doing to our bodies
  • Healthier alternatives
  • Sweet recipes and ideas
  • Savoury recipes and ideas
  • The role of habits and emotions in eating
  • Individual action plans - changing our ways
  • Feeding children
  • Managing guilt
  • Managing sugar in cafes and the community
  • Planning & support for the future



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