A supermarket near Nelson has recently removed all sweet products from its checkout aisles and replaced them with healthy snacks and bottles of water. Hoorah! Not only does this make it harder to give in to temptation, it also sends the message that our snacking habits need to change, and something dramatic needs to be done. It may not change long term habits, but every time we don't eat that packet of sweets, our bodies are grateful for it, and actually each small decision can indeed lead to long term change.

There has been some suggestion that people simply need to exercise some self control when staring down the chocolate bars at the checkout. But, you know, there is plenty of opportunity for self-control, and if anyone wants to help take the pressure off when it comes to eating sugar, I say that's a great move.

We have some marshmallows in our house, leftover from a party. Almost every time they see them the kids want one. I'm not surprised, I feel very similar about the things I'm crazy about. Simply not having in the house the food you don't want to be eating is a very viable, and effective, approach. Be brave, give this technique a try, and see what it does for you...

x Angela