Changing this sweet world

Changing this sweet world

After much tossing and turning at night (and day) I have made a decision to drastically reduce the cost of my online programme. There are many reasons to keep the cost where it reflects the value of the programme, but there are benefits to reducing it too - so let's talk about those.

I want to make this programme available to all. I want to spread the message of taking care of ourselves and our families as far & wide as possible. I want to share with you all that I have researched and experienced in the last four years, to make it as easy as I can for you and to help you short cut through the information maze.
Let's not wait any longer. This is good health we're talking about. Not dieting, not cutting out food groups, not falling for a fad. Good health. Waking up to what sugar is doing to us and our kids. Listening to the science and the research. Giving our bodies a fighting chance. We know it's a problem, we've been thinking about it a lot lately. Let's solve it now.

I've been told that such a low price for this programme is not worth my time. But of course our health is worth my time. I regularly look in to kids' lunchboxes and nearly cry. Every week I have a conversation with someone who would like to reduce the sugar in their lives. I've always wanted to change the world, and now is the time.
My Sugar Trade programme will cost just $10 per week for 8 weeks. Weekly payments are an option. New Zealand mums, let's get started before the school holidays. Let's get at least 10 of us together over the next few days. You can hit the button in the link (it's in the comments this time) now.

Once you've completed the programme you can be part of an online community that supports each other in a low-sugar lifestyle. The bigger that community is, the more we'll all benefit. Let's make the community of people who have traded-in sugar for good *really big.*

And let's see where this leads us. I'll see you there.

x Angela