The Sugar Trade is opening a cafe. And we're so excited!

We're a cafe with a difference. A few differences. Our entire reason for being is to provide you with a place where you can chat with friends (or happily sit alone), have a good drink, soak up some atmosphere, AND enjoy some food that doesn't contain sugar. For years now we have longed to be able to step out of our own kitchen for a bit of a treat and not drown in the sugar onslaught. And now the waiting is over.

At The Sugar Trade you'll only find snack food. There will be savoury snacks and sweet treats sweetened with healthier alternatives to sugar. You can read all about those in the shop, but the most important thing is, they're fructose-free. If you're in over lunchtime and feeling pretty peckish we can put together a few savoury options followed by a sweet something and you'll make it all the way through til dinner.

If you and your kids are used to the usual cafes, there will be a few adjustments to make. We're working on something little, soft & squishy to go with fluffies, and a small selection of healthier kid friendly drinks. And we have the best coffee and teas in town.

Looking forward to living-life-sweeter with you.

x Angela